Ayurveda Academic and culture unit

There are 3 divisions functioning under the Ayurvedic Education Unit. That is,

  • 1

    Technical, Development and Statistical Information Division.

  • 2

    Community Health Division.

  • 3

    Ayurvedic Conservation Council, Training, Supervision and Publicity Division.

තාක්ෂණික, සංවර්ධන හා සංඛ්‍යාලේඛන තොරතුරු අංශය

Dr. G.M.P. Jayarathne
Dr. A.M.H.N. Amarasinghe
Mr. H.A.D.E.B. Perera

  තාක්ෂණික, සංවර්ධන හා සංඛ්‍යාලේඛන තොරතුරු අංශයේ ප්‍රධාන කාර්යය භාර්යයන්,

  • Development of all institutions belonging to the North Central Provincial Department of Ayurveda with modern technical equipment and imparting technical knowledge.
  • Maintaining the Provincial Ayurveda Website
  • Provide technical reports on procurement of goods and services
  • Direct supervision of all development activities taking place in the province.
  • Collection of monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and annual statistics and release to relevant agencies.
  • Formal management of technical equipment owned by the Department of Ayurveda.

Community Health Division.

Dr. M.G. Dayarathne (Supervising Officer Community Health)
Dr. A.M.H.N. Amarasinghe
Mrs. A. N. Nisansala

Following are the proposed activities for the Community Health section for the year 2022

  • A program to develop a lifestyle that enhances strong immunity to infectious diseases.
  • Program to create a healthy person through Ayurvedic principles linked to nutrition.
  • Kidney Disease Prevention and Related Non-Communicable Disease Control Program
  • Substances abuse Prevention and Mental Health Promotion Program.
  • Preservation of Traditional Medicine, Treatment Centers and Pharmacy Regulation Program.
  • Model Village Program.
  • Yoga Promotion Program.
  • Promotional Society Program.
  • Medicinal Plant Conservation and simple remedies Promotion Program.
  • Mobile Clinics
  • Creative Programs
  • A non-communicable disease clinic for kidney disease and another selected disease on Monday.

Ayurvedic Conservation Council, Training, Supervision and Publicity Division.

Dr. S.S. Weththewa
Mrs. A. N. Nisansala

Services provided by Ayurvedic Conservation Council, Training, Supervision and Publicity Division.

  • Collection of information on traditional healers, updating of information and preparation of manuals.
  • Organizing training programs for various staff of all the institutions belonging to the Provincial Department of Ayurveda.
  • Supervision of hospitals, central dispensaries and other institutions.
  • Maintaining the newspaper issued by the department.

Several programs related to the Ayurvedic Education Unit...

  • Opening of the Paying Ward Complex of the Provincial Ayurvedic Hospital

  • Haldummulla Yoga Training Program for Community Health Physicians

  • Opening of Diyasenpura Ayurveda Central Dispensary

  • ජාතික හිස තෙල් ගෑමේ උත්සවය

  • Model Village Leadership Training Program - Anuradhapura District

  • Model Village Leadership Training Program - Polonnaruwa District

  • Public Institutions Awareness Program - Provincial Governor's Office

  • ඉසිවර වෙදැදුරු අභිනන්දන - පාරම්පරික වෙද මහත්වරුන්ගේ උපහාර උළෙල

  • Tribute to Motherhood - Distribution of nutrition bags to pregnant mothers

  • Preparations of leaflets, clinical papers and building a direct therapy for the prevention of kidney disease

  • රෝහල් වෛද්‍යවරුන් සඳහා ශාස්ත්‍රීය දැනුම සංවර්ධනය සඳහා ආරාධිත විශ්වවිද්‍යාලීය කතිකාචාර්යයවරැන්ගේ දේශන සංවිධානය

  • Making the Ayurvedic Community Health Service a more efficient and effective service through the use of technological communication methods

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